OMG and WTF… you haven’t heard from us in a while? That’s cause we accidentally took a wrong turning coming from Timor and have landed on Mars!


Well, not quite but it certainly looks like it here in the middle of the Australian outback, where we’ll be spending a month shooting for THL’s Mighty Campervan. We have named him Rhino, he’s quite a beast, and a fantastic one at that, certainly being the best way to experience everything Australia’s huge landmass has to offer.


We’re creating films and photography at one incredible place after another, but due to an utter lack of internet (we really are in the sticks out here), you, beloved reader, will have to be patient until we can get it all uploaded to the ether.


We know it’s hard to miss out on your weekly fix of global awesomeness, but see it like this: you’ve not seen the newest episodes of your favourite TV series cause you’ve been on holiday, which means only one thing: marathon catchup time when you’re back! Get the ice cream ready, we’ll be in touch soon! And “YOLO”, whatever that means.